Frequently asked questions


Who we are

We are a team from Cologne with multiple years of founding experience in tech & e-commerce. We buy and develop amazing Amazon Shops, which we want to unite in our Amazing Brands Family. We combine know-how from the core areas Amazon & E-Commerce, Supply-Chain & Operations, Data Science & Tech, as well as Performance Marketing and Branding. If you want to learn more about us and our history then feel free to visit us here.


What will happen with my shop after the deal?

We only buy brands that fit into our Amazing Brands Family and that we can fully identify with. Therefore, we will continue your shop to the best of our ability and bring it to the next level. Your baby is in the best hands with us.


How does the deal structure look like?

We only strive for mutually fair deals and want you to profit from the growth of your Amazon store in the long run. That's why we strive for deals with incremental earn-out participation (a kind of additional bonus) up to 24 months. How does this work?
I) You get a one-time payment (exit): Usually a multiple on your EBITDA AND 
II) An earn-out participation on the EBITDA or revenue of your store.


Will there be any costs for me?

The entire process is free of charge at all times. There are also no costs should no deal be closed.


How much can I reveal about myself?

All information will be treated with absolute discretion and professionalism. Feel free to ask us for an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) at any time.


Do I need a lawyer/broker?

No, you do not need a broker or lawyer for our processes.All contracts were worked out with specialists and will be refined together with you on your situation. However, we can totally understand, if you wish to include someone to support you in this concern. We are only interested in deals where both sides are satisfied. This is one of the reasons why we stick to our special deal structure, where you should participate in the success of your shop in the long run.


How is the value of my store determined?

Important factors in the evaluation of your shop are: Revenue (on Amazon) and EBITDA margin, marketing performance, product, product rankings, supply chain, age of your store as well as your Amazon store appearance & customer reviews.


Where can I find my data needed to evaluate my shop?

You can find all the data you need in your Amazon Seller board. Feel free to contact us if you need help here or have further questions. Usually an excerpt from your sales dashboard tool is enough.


How can I determine my EBITDA margin?

EBITDA is profit after deduction of all variable and fixed costs (all direct business related costs that are needed for shop operation). Without deduction of taxes, interest, depreciations/appreciations and entrepreneurial salary.


Why do we use the EBITDA margin to evaluate your shop?

Costs for investments are not taken into account here. This is correct in this case because it makes it easier for us to see how profitable the pure production of the core business is. Investments, etc. might vary for us and need to be considered individually.


You want to become part of the Amazing Brands Family?

Then contact us and we will give you detailed feedback on your shop. Get free tips from our Amazon experts in the areas of Supply-Chain, Amazon SEO and product marketing on how you can further improve your shop. You can find more information about the Amazing Brands family here. Let's get in contact in any case!


Do you have any further questions?

Then feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your questions. Use our contact form or just call us. Our Amazon expert Max will take care of your concerns or alternatively connect you with the according expert in the area.