We inspire others to build amazing brands
We buy exciting Amazon FBA stores that stand out from the crowd and develop them into amazing category leaders.
Our story


Long nights and weekends in front of the laptop to build up your own FBA business and still have to take care of your family, your studies or your main job?Who does not know this feeling?

Amazon is becoming more and more popular and therefore more professional. The big players are storming the marketplace. As an individual seller, it is increasingly difficult. Especially the supply chain can only be optimized up to a certain level, with only one store and a few products. We understand you and your challenges and have made many sometimes exhausting and painful experiences ourselves.

That's why we would like to unite exciting Amazon stores under one roof with our team of experts and develop them together. This way we can solve the problems of an individual seller and compete as a team with the big players.

How does this work? The composition of our founding team allows us to unite all core competencies within our team. We have expertise in the core areas of Amazon SEO/SEA, marketing, supply chain & logistics, and finance. Our team has grown steadily since August and we pursue a common goal: together with you as sellers we want to create amazing products and product experiences for our end customers. 

You as a seller should also profit from this. Because through our unique deal structure you will profit in the long run from the success of your Amazon store.


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Meet The Founder Team

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Jaschar Hupperth

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Christoph Baumann

Supply Chain
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Janik Euskirchen

Tech & Data
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Brand Management
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Acquisitions & M&A
What does Amazing Brands Family mean to you?

Access to our partner network and tools 

Regular sessions with our experts: How to optimize your shop and growth hacks

Our goal is to build a knowledge network for every Amazon seller.
What does this look like?

You as a seller can join our Amazing Brands Family even if you don't want to sell your FBA store yet.

This will give you unique advantages. Benefit from our partner network and talk regularly with our experts in the respective areas.
Together with you we will work out optimization potentials for your Amazon Shop.


Maybe you ask yourself why we do this? According to our vision
"we inspire others to build amazing brands", we want to equip you with the best possible tools and knowledge to build amazing brands.